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Virtual Reality Mobile Rentals

Virtual Reality corporate event, holo VR zone VR For Events. Our virtual reality experiences are not limited only to our place. Our group of professional experts in the development of virtual reality activities can visit any of your parties or locations, to develop the activity, in the place chosen by you or your group. Our philosophy is a simple and uncomplicated mobile virtual reality; All configuration and service are included. You don't have to worry about anything. Just enjoy virtual reality!

Wherever you are, We Bring VR To You!

Bringing VR to your event

With more than 80 titles available on-demand, as well as brand opportunities, we offer customized solutions to meet your needs. Whether that means designing corporate team building activities, creating lesson paths that fit your curriculum or demonstrating your products from a new perspective; We can make it happen!

Our virtual reality stations

Our Virtual Reality stations are rented by the hour, with a minimum of two hours of reservation. Each station has one of our professional customer service representatives to configure the stations, as well as to help and educate your guests. The stations work best in even numbers and with a minimum time of 7 minutes per guest.


There are two different types of installing virtual reality in your event, the first one would be inside a covered and empty place, to adapt our virtual reality stations, the other option would be outside, we will install a tent-event with reality devices virtual to perform the activity. All according to your specifications.

virtual reality - outside

Virtual reality - inside

Wherever you are, We Bring VR To You!


Our team will work with you to find experiences within our catalog that match your objectives, we will arrive an hour before to organize, explain and put our team into operation, we are ready for the challenge! While we are a team of virtual reality experts, we are also a team of educators and leaders in our fields who love being practical and entertaining guests. We are well equipped to lead your group through structured teamwork activities in the virtual world, to administer and run contests and raffles at trade shows. Tell us what interests you and we can make it happen!
Each station includes:
  • VR customer service group
  • HTC Live VR headphones
  • Motion controllers and sensors
  • Powerful computer
  • Set the games
  • Screen monitor
  • Disposable masks
Corporate Events, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Social Affairs, Parties, Conferences, Meetings, Retreats, Roadshows, Pop-ups, Special Events, Galas, Festivals, Concerts, Fashion Shows, etc…

We offer two types of VR

Room Scale VR and 360 VR experiences. While both options offer a truly fun virtual reality experience, there are key differences between the two.

What is 360 Virtual reality experiences?

For events where your guests will be sitting, or where you need to get a giant virtual reality experience using a small space, 360 VR is a great option. Some of our favorite 360 ​​VR experiences are Mount Everest, relaxing beaches, big cities and even looking at Earth from space. Of course, we also have a lot of games and puzzles from which you can choose. Overall, we have a wide catalog of 360 VR experiences to choose from, and we are confident that we can help you find the perfect one for your event.

For our part, we will provide each pre-loaded headset with the content chosen for your party, as well as a virtual reality technician who will ensure that all your headphones work with the best quality and, at the same time, will help your guests to have A fun and fluid virtual reality experience. What we need from you is access to electricity and an area with tables and chairs or simply space.

Immersive virtual reality experiences for your next event

Experience anything, anywhere, through the power of virtual reality.

Holo Room Scale VR?

Holo Room Scale VR is the most advanced virtual reality technology available in the market today, and also the most immersive. In Holo Room Scale VR, you can interact with objects in your virtual environment, so if you see something in front of you, don't just look! Pick it up! This type of virtual reality is the best to give your guests the feeling of being in a completely different world. In addition, your guests can move in their virtual environment, so they will need some space to explore. Most experiences require an area of ​​8 feet by 8 feet, although there are some that allow a smaller space of 6 feet by 6 feet.

Holo Room Scale VR incorporates the most advanced VR technology and is easily the most innovative event activation available today. Your guests will use special controllers with motion tracking to control objects in their virtual reality experience. While only one person can use the virtual reality equipment at a time, you don't have to worry about leaving any of your other guests waiting for a long time. We can manage the experience to allow a rapid change, giving everyone the opportunity to play. We can also interconnect three or five virtual reality stations to interact with each other. The virtual reality experience will be broadcast on a TV or LED wall. This allows your other guests to get involved with the experience even when they are not really there, and it also helps to attract viewers who will definitely want to participate.
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